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Magan Herron

Founder and Sole Proprietor of this woman owned business

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I'm hooked

I'm a new and upcoming company that prides itself in making the world better, one yard at a time!

  • 2021

    A fresh new year, for a fresh beginning.

     I realized that I could be using this art form to change peoples lives and make this world a better place for our children. So I began to practice more and even though my husband felt like all he did was watch me crochet, I was training my wrists and hands to become faster so I could start this journey. As a community, we can work together to heal this earth!

  • 2020

    We all know what happened this year. It was a challenging year for everyone and we all had a lot of extra time on our hands that we really never had before! My husband and I went through our own heartache, and through that, I needed something to keep my mind busy. I always remember how my granny crocheted us blankets and they were absolutely beautiful. You could see the love and patience she put into it, and I really wanted to know how she did it!

    My mom lives in a different state where not as much was closed as where we were at, so she was able to send me my beginner crochet kit. After that I was hooked!!!! (Pun intended haha)

    Me being the person I am, I jumped right into it and decided to try to make a blanket! Well that did not go exactly as I planned. So I started off much smaller. After try and error, I don't know how many times, it just suddenly clicked! Then I would have another click, and before i knew it, I was learning all I could about this form and I was in love. Not only was it a way to express myself but it made me feel so close to my granny. I have been able to share the love and joy that crocheting brings with my family and friends.

Save the world without burning a hole in your pocket!

My products are all natural fibers that will last wash after wash. Then when you're done with them, they will become part of the earth.

My goal


Make Timeless Designs that balance quality, beauty and functionality.


Quality Over Quantity

I have torn out so many projects due to one simple missed stitch, or the color did not fall just right in the round.  I do my best to make sure that quality is in every item I make and sell.  

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